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Posts published in “Diffuser and Roller Recipes”

Looking for a great diffuser recipe or a new roller bottle to treat a specific need? Look no further! Nothing is more fun that taking these amazing oils and creating your own recipes and blends. Order 10mL roller bottles directly from doTERRA through your monthly Loyalty Rewards order and make sure to include a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil.

Note: Our roller bottle recipes will always feature 10mL bottles. You may wish to use smaller or larger bottles depending on your preference. Adjust your recipe to account for any difference in size. For children, limit the number of drops for safety.

Ocean Breeze Diffuser Blend

Ross Durham

Having trouble finding the time to escape to the beach? Use this blend to create your own ocean destination, no matter where you are! It's great for any time of year and has some amazing benefits as well!

Seasonal Zen Blend

Ross Durham

This go-to recipe is one of the most commonly shared recipes I use! It’s perfect for the change in seasons and is a must-have when traveling. It contains three single…

FLOOM – Immunity Booster

Ross Durham

An immunity boosting blend of essential oils, FLOOM can be taken internally or used in a roller bottle. FLOOM contains Frankincense, Lemon, On Guard, Oregano, and Melaleuca (Tea Tree). These…