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Posts published in “Uses and Routines”

The Butt Kicker Blend

Ross Durham

When I first decided to truly quit smoking, my husband and I had also started making a lot of different lifestyle changes, including our diet. Switching to a Paleo diet…

Rosemary Lavender Hair Rinse

Ross Durham

Cleaning your home with essential oils is a great way to reduce toxins and leave a freshened aroma. When it comes to personal care, there are many great ways to incorporate essential oils as well. So what about cleaning and protecting your hair?

Cleaning with Oils Other Than Citrus

Ross Durham

As popular as Lemon, Wild Orange, and Tangerine essential oils are in the DIY cleaning world, there are many other essential oils that you can add to your homemade cleaners. Did you know that the following oils are all excellent to use in homemade cleaners? So that you can determine what kind of scent you would like, we’ve grouped them by plant type below.

Arborvitae Wood Polish

Ross Durham

Is your wood furniture starting to look dull and lifeless? Wood furniture is an investment that needs to be cared for and maintained. Although polishing wood furniture should only be done every few months, it is important to continually keep the wood clean by dusting or wiping it with a damp microfiber cloth. Bring the shine back to your favorite tables, chairs, floors, and other wood elements with this simple recipe for homemade wood polish with doTERRA essential oils.

Purify Magic Sponge

Ross Durham

Tired of constantly cleaning up messes? Make life a little easier with this natural DIY containing Purify Cleansing Blend. Purify not only smells fresh, it contains the powerful cleansing properties of Lemon, Lime, Siberian Fir, Austrian Fir, Pine, Citronella, Melaleuca, and Cilantro. This reusable sponge cuts through grease, grime, and everything in between.

On Guard Hand Cleansing Gel

Ross Durham

Hand cleansers are a convenient, on-the-go solution for cleansing your hands when soap and water are unavailable. This homemade version will not only cleanse your hands, but moisturize them too.