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Host a Class

Thanks so much for your interest in hosting an essential oil class! Hosting a class is so easy, plus you will have the opportunity to earn some amazing gifts! I love being able to share my love of oils with others and guide them on their journey to a healthier lifestyle. I’d love to work with you and help educate your friends on all the wonderful benefits of essential oils and other doTERRA wellness products. My hope is to lead everyone towards a healthier lifestyle– no matter where they are today. Ready to host a class? Get in touch and someone on my team will reach out with more information.

Featured Class

Our currently featured class is Seasonal Zen. Covering all things seasonal, this class includes information on the historical use of essential oils to everyday use. Also included are aromatic, topical and internal application types as well as using oils to manage mood.

Hostess Rewards Program

Schedule your class today and receive free gifts! Based on the product value (PV) of any orders placed during your class, you will receive the following gifts.

What Does a Hostess Do?

Being a hostess is pretty simple! You’ll invite your friends to participate in an essential oil class. You will follow up with those who are interested and share a few reminders. Don’t worry– we’ll guide you along the way. About a week before your class, we will create the event for you and add some helpful information to guide the process. Most importantly we want everyone to have an amazing time learning about living a healthier lifestyle! Your event will have a prize for participation and if anyone decides to begin their own customer account or host a class, you’ll have the opportunity to pick from the gifts above!

Get in Touch

Let us know if you’d like to host a class and we will be happy to reach out and review the options available. While we do have the option of an online class, if you are local to our area, we are happy to lead an in-person educational or Make and Take class where all of your guests will have the chance to leave with the perfect blend for them! Get in touch to review all of our class options and topics!