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Posts published in January 2019

Spotlight: TriEase Softgels

Ross Durham

Designed to lend support during times of seasonal discomfort, TriEase Softgels bring together the powerful properties of essential oils to promote well-being when seasonal or environmental threats are high. TriEase combines three…

Spotlight: Ylang Ylang

Ross Durham

In one of doTERRA’s Co-Impact Sourcing locations, the Ylang Ylang flower is harvested by some of the hard working natives of Madagascar to produce doTERRA’s potent Ylang Ylang essential oil.…

Spotlight: Arborvitae

Ross Durham

Native to the Pacific Northwest of North America, Arborvitae is a majestic evergreen coniferous tree that is valued for its many unique benefits. The variety of chemical components found in…