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Posts published in April 2019

doTERRA as a Business

Ross Durham

Want to live an empowered life? doTerra supports the WHOLE YOU– physical, emotional, spiritual– and your financial wellness. If you love essential oils and can share how to use them with…

Spotlight: Sandalwood

Ross Durham

For centuries, the dry, woody aroma of the sandalwood tree made the plant useful for religious rituals, meditation, and even for ancient Egyptian embalming purposes. Today, essential oil taken from…

The Butt Kicker Blend

Ross Durham

When I first decided to truly quit smoking, my husband and I had also started making a lot of different lifestyle changes, including our diet. Switching to a Paleo diet…

Rosemary Lavender Hair Rinse

Ross Durham

Cleaning your home with essential oils is a great way to reduce toxins and leave a freshened aroma. When it comes to personal care, there are many great ways to incorporate essential oils as well. So what about cleaning and protecting your hair?

Spotlight: Cinnamon Bark

Ross Durham

Extracted from the bark of a tropical tree, Cinnamon Bark essential oil is fragrant, flavorful, and filled with many beneficial compounds. Cinnamon Bark oil contains cleansing properties that can help…