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Meet Ross

Hey! I’m Ross Durham and I’m happy to have you here! Do More With Oils grew from my love of essential oils and my ability to address health concerns and much more at home and on-the-go using these gifts of the Earth.

I’ve always been a problem solver and that has greatly contributed to my search for healthier alternatives in all areas of my life. I had never considered essential oils as a way to help support changes I was making to my overall health until I found doTERRA in February 2017. DoTERRA was having one of it’s famous BOGO weeks and one of my friends shared one of the deals with me. I knew I wanted Lavender in my life simply because of the scent and that bottle was paired with On Guard. Quickly, I replaced my hand soap and household cleaner with the On Guard line of products, which actually ended up helping me save money!

My husband was having some severe back, neck and nerve issues which eventually led to a double fusion in his neck in 2017. Typically, I’ve not had concerns with anxious feelings, but during that time I found that my emotions fluctuated simply from the unknown. While I already had a bottle of Balance (the Grounding Blend) on hand, I had not yet taken advantage of it’s benefits. When I began using Balance in my diffuser at night and in a roller bottle for use throughout the day and on-the-go, I immediately noticed a difference. Clarity returned and the feelings I had of anxiousness began to drift away.

As I began to evaluate the benefits of the essential oils I had in my arsenal, I looked at other alternatives to products that were often filled with chemicals and other fillers. One of the easiest changes was my facial cleanser. When I found the HD Clear system, I found balanced and healthier looking skin. Each day, I walk out the door with less shine and a beautiful face. 😉

The biggest benefit I have found in overall health took place when I combined the Lifelong Vitality supplements into my daily routine. With some dietary changes as well as LLV, Deep Blue Polyphenols and Mito2Max, I’ve noticed some major changes in my overall wellbeing. Lifelong Vitality has supported with balanced energy and metabolism. When I eat, my tummy / gut is happy. Deep Blue Polyphenols have helped with the muscle discomfort that I experienced daily after injuring my back during a home remodel. Mito2Max helps with energy and stamina and also helped me cut my coffee consumption back immensely!

You can find me locally at health and wellness events. I greatly enjoy gardening and outdoor events as well as hiking. Want to get in touch? Begin your own journey towards wellness and quickly connect with me using the button below. I look forward to connecting with you and helping guide you in your walk!