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Share dōTERRA

Get Your Order Free or Build a Rewarding Business

Did you know that you can actually earn a commission and income just by sharing dōTERRA with others? You heard correctly– and it’s extremely rewarding! If you are interested in earning some extra money or building a thriving business, I would love to partner with you and help guide and mentor you along this journey. It’s super easy and once you begin to use, love and see the power of these oils in your life, sharing with others comes so naturally.

If you are already a wholesale customer and working with another Wellness Advocate, please connect with them or your upline and they will be able to provide the best support. 

Not a dōTERRA Customer?

I’m so glad that you’re interested in aligning and partnering yourself with dōTERRA! Getting started is super easy and once you are all set up, we will connect and I’ll be sure to get you plugged into all of our private team education and training videos to ensure you are successful.

  • Choose the starter kit that best fits your needs and budget.  The most popular kits for wellness advocates include the Home Essentials Kit or one of the fast track qualifying kits to earn free credit and earn a higher percent back in points for FREE products. 
  • Sign up as a Wellness Advocate so you can be eligible to earn commission, get your personalized website for your customers to order from and other perks.
  • Once you’ve purchased your kit, connect with me and you’ll get access to all of our VIP Oilers perks!
  • When you begin using and loving your oils, sharing with others comes so easily! When you share the power of dōTERRA with others and come from a place of service, ‘selling’ happens so naturally and you will quickly see that you are simply the vessel to help support others with oils and help them change their lives!

VIP Oilers and Perks

  • One-on-one call with me to review your goals and discuss everything you need to know to be successful.
  • Welcome package of tools and goodies to help you begin using your oils right away. (This includes access to my favorite oil resource tools!)
  • Oil Camp education in a 2 week community atmosphere. You will leave feeling confident about using your oils and sharing with others.
  • Team business building e-book containing all the information you need to share oils with others or to launch and grow your business.
  • Instant access to our VIP Oilers resources to learn about your oils, get the support and education you need, plus a whole section dedicated to business builders with even more resources.
  • Team training videos for building a dōTERRA business (including social media training).
  • Access to our private oil community groups for users and business builders to get tips, support and ideas from others. (This requires a Facebook account)
  • On-going mentoring and guidance to ensure you are reaching your goals and seeing the success you want.

Already a dōTERRA Member?

Great!  You are off the a great start and since you’ve been using and loving your oils, sharing with others to help them experience what you have, comes so easy!

If you got started with another dōTERRA Wellness Advocate, please reach out to them as they will be able to help and guide you best.

If you are already part of the Do More With Oils team or were introduced to oils by someone on our team– then you’re in! Please reach out to me so I can make sure you get access to all of our private team education and business training.  

I’m so excited for you to begin the fulfilling journey of helping change the lives of others!

Free Resources from dōTERRA

DōTERRA offers a wide range of tools and resources to all Wellness Advocates. These resources, are part of the Empowered Success program and are the core of our training model.

  1. Live Guide – Lifestyle Overview
  2. Share Guide – Hosting Overview
  3. Build Guide – Business Overview
  4. Launch Your Business
  5. Sales Guide for Wellness Advocates
  6. Train to Premier or Silver
  7. Lead to Gold
  8. Multiply to Platinum and Diamond
  9. Influence to Blue Diamond
  10. Inspire to Presidential and Beyond