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About Your Goodies

Many times, you will receive a sample of one of our wellness products from your Wellness Advocate. You probably want to learn more about the products they have shared with you and we cannot wait to help you learn! Listed below are some of the most commonly sampled essential oils, wellness products and custom blends. Each product is linked so you can quickly find relevant content on our website. If you have already fallen in love and want to get started with your own customer account and save 25% off of retail prices, be sure to visit our How to Order page for instructions on placing your order. Happy oiling!

Essential Oils

The essential oils listed below include both single oils and essential oil blends. Oil blends contain a combination of single oils. If you have specific questions relating to the use of these products, contact your Wellness Advocate.

On Guard®Wild OrangeLemon
Tea Tree (Melaleuca)Breathe®DigestZen®
Balance®Citrus Bliss®Whisper®

Wellness Products

Sample sizes are typically offered for these products, however some of these products may be sampled in their full-size packaging in order to ensure you have access to all available information about their contents. Follow the directions listed on the packaging and contact your Wellness Advocate with any questions.

Lifelong Vitality Pack®
Deep Blue
Polyphenol Complex®
Energy & Stamina
Salon Essentials®
Salon Essentials®
Deep Blue® Rub
Topical Cream
On Guard®

Custom Blends

Please note, these samples may be comprised of single essential oils, essential oil blends or a combination of both.

Happy Moon BlendFLOOM BlendHappy Head Blend
Seasonal Zen BlendLaser Focused BlendOh Happy Day Blend

Other Products

Did you receive a sample of a product that was not listed above? You can always find information about all of the single oils by reviewing the Master List of Single Essential Oils. You will also find 15 amazing uses for each of dōTERRA’s top ten essential oils in 150 Uses for the Top 10 Oils. For information about any product from dōTERRA, you can easily search the dōTERRA website here by entering your query at the top of the page.

Need a sample?

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Note: Items listed in bold above are included as part of our new customer goodie bag.